MobilePro trailers are a fully-customizable, scalable broadcasting solution that can bring your content to viewers anywhere.


Broadcasting That Moves With You

Stream live to ESPN3, ESPN+, and beyond

Content production and creation is moving its way into the athletics of colleges and universities. Sports are a huge pull for students and coaches alike and video production and streaming is a way to create larger brand awareness. Colleges and universities that are focusing on the do-it-yourself need the right tools and mobility to share their content.

The MobilePro Trailers are the answer to mobile broadcasting and sharing your content.

“Conventional construction costs and running fiber lines across campus are alleviated by a mobile trailer. With MobilePro, you can pull up to the field, plug in, and go.”

Sal Demaio - VP of Broadcast at HB
The Trailer Performs
Trailer Interior

The suite of trailer and van options exceed ESPN3 specs and allow you to live stream to your school website, ESPN3 or ESPN+, and a jumbotron all at the same time. This mobile solution negates the need for running fiber across campus and incurs no overhead construction. MobilePro helps to draw talent to both your communications and athletics communities too. Broadcast live sports, graduation, commencement, campus content, and more. The suite of broadcast solutions are ready for complete, start to finish, professional broadcasting.

Pickup Truck
Can be pulled with a pickup truck or large SUV
Custom Trailer Doors
Custom doors optimize workflow
Individual thermostats and HVAC system
Control Room
Five-seat control room with graphics, audio, switch, and replay
Graphics for Brand
Exterior graphics increase brand awareness
Financing available
MobilePro in Action
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It's Been Said:

“Branding has become extremely important in today’s business world. Whether you’re a corporate entity or a college entity; attracting those students and athletes to that school and giving them confidence and then empowering them to do shows has been the greatest.”

Al Fong - President of All-Star Sports Technologies

“Us having the HB trailer is instrumental in our relationship with ESPN. It enables us to go to ESPN when we have games and say this is our broadcast, they ask for all of our tech specs, yes we have everything, let's go to the broadcastit makes it easy.”

Chris Foster - Assistant Athletic Director for Digital & New Media at Rider University
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