Harness Technology to Transform your School

With technology, anything is possible and today's students experience and use technology every hour of every day. Shouldn't your classrooms have the technology products and solutions to help your students move forward? Build a climate of success in your district by incorporating the best audio visual and communication technology into your schools. 

Get an all access view of today's best AV technologies by attending Edutech 2016. Presentations will be performed by special guest presenter Joe Cornwall, Technology Evangelist, from C2G.   

Vendors will include:

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8:00 AM: EduTech begins with coffee and a light breakfast at the HB North Haven, CT Headquarters. 

8:30 AM: Seminar 1: Emerging Technologies That Will Change The Future of AV

The rapidly approaching digital future demands that system integrators, designers, owners and operators understand the infrastructure and connectivity choices that are necessary to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition into the next generation of AV technology. In this presentation we will explore the emerging technologies, both wire and wireless, that will have the greatest impact on the last 100 meters of digital AV infrastructure. From 4k to smartphones, and from USB to wireless, we'll put it into perspective in this exciting hour!

9:45 AM: Seminar 2: Understanding Digital Video Formats - A Guide to Understanding Digital Video Connectivity Formats

The phrase "digital video" is everywhere, but it's seldom defined. What makes video digital? How is DVI-D different that DisplayPort and is it easy to convert signals? How is HDMI different from HDBaseT? If you're not 100% sure of the answers to any of these questions, you'll find useful, easy-to-understand answers in this presentation.

11:00 AM: Seminar 3: USB for AV

If it says "interactive" you can bet that USB is being leveraged. From interactive white boards to touch-surface flat panel displays and interactive projectors, they all feature USB connectivity as a core technology. Learn to specify, integrate and troubleshoot USB technology, including a deep understanding of how these systems work and why they might fail. If you are involved in the integration of interactive devices into AV designs you need to attend this presentation. Your future success depends on it!

12:00PM: Lunch will be served. 

1:30 PM: Seminar 4: BYOD Signals & Connectivity - Integrating Mobile Devices with Fixed AV Systems

Integrating portable technology such as smartphones, tablet, phablets and convertible devices into fixed AV systems is a daunting task, but one that is central to the success in applications of the cables and connectivity installed behind the walls. When should we select for low-skew UTP, Category 5e, 6, 6a? What are the performance implications of unsheilded UTP, Shielded F/UTP and S/FTP category cables on AV installations? Which fiber solution should you select? There will be no need to struggle with the answers to these challenging questions after this presentation!

2:45 PM: Seminar 5: Understanding Digital AV Technology in the 21st Century Classroom

The 21st Century Classroom demands far more than just a VGA cable and 3.5mm audio connection! The question of student-supplied devices (BYOD) must be explored. The need for intuitive interactive technology must be defined. The place for advanced resolution systems that support legibility and invite involvement from the students has to be carefully considered. Participants in this presentation will learn about the newest technology for incorporating interactive white boards and displays, tablets, laptops and AV media into a classroom environment specifically as they apply to education.

4:00 PM: The show will end.