Deliver Innovative Learning Opportunities Through the Use of Advanced Audiovisual Technology

In order to stay competitive, colleges and universities around the globe are deploying cutting edge audiovisual technology solutions to transform their higher education learning experiences.

Expand the Boundaries of Your College Campus

Legacy system infrastructures and disparate communication technologies make it challenging for higher education institutions to alleviate growing student, faculty, and administrative demands. As a systems integration company, HB Communications is in a unique position to technologically transform the way your professors teach, students learn, and administrators operate.

“More than a quarter of a billion students globally, will be enrolled at institutions of higher learning by 2025. With growing tuition fees making higher education unaffordable for many families, colleges and universities are being pressed to embrace innovative, cost effective learning tools that can make earning a degree far less expensive. Accommodating this growing volume of students necessitates the transformation of a traditional campus, adapting to the millennial lifestyle and harnessing new technology. *

HB’s industry experience, expertise, and thought leadership can help transform your traditional campus into a connected one. Examples of use cases we've deployed include:

  • Distance Learning
  • Emergency Communications
  • Cross School Collaboration (Global Schools)
  • Dynamic Collaborative Classrooms
  • Wayfinding
  • Improving Student Teacher Interactions
  • Campus-wide Announcements
  • Student Workspaces (Study Areas and Group Collaboration Zones)
  • Improving Interactive Campus Experiences
  • Connecting Geographically Dispersed Research Teams


For colleges and universities looking
to prepare students for a globally-connected world, HB can help.

  • Technology solution development, integration and support
  • Unlock new potential and ideas for applying AV technology
  • Analyze your current state (both from a technology and communications perspective)
  • Facilitate objective and goal setting
  • Strategy development
  • Governance plan development
  • Workflow development


Advanced Audiovisual Technology Solutions

Content Recording, Streaming, and Sharing

Get innovative. Your students are required to create, record and share multimedia content. With a cutting-edge content distribution and management software solution, you can automate all your content delivery on your schedule. Use technology to optimally deliver and manage student projects, online lessons, lectures, sporting events, concerts or streaming graduation.

Our leading technology partners: Cisco, Polycom, VBrick, Kaltura, Sonic Foundry, Haivision, Discover Video, Wowza, Epiphan, Extron, and others

Projection Systems

Make your campus classrooms interactive. Faculty can effortlessly turn their computer into a tool for a lecture with a power projection system. Students can use WiFi to share screens. HB can help you find the properly-sized screen for any classroom, whether it be a mobile projector or a DLP projector for large rooms and lecture halls.

Our leading technology partners: Christie, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, and Sony

Digital Signage, Message Boards, and LED Video Walls
Reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and build communication efficiencies by leveraging digital signage technology to create easy, connected, consistent communications across campus. Empower local schools and departments to share key messages quickly and easily to their target audiences, eliminate communication gaps across campus, inform students of their surroundings by deploying a wayfinding solution, deepen security awareness by deploying an emergency alert system, and create collaboration among students and teachers on campus with highly visual, interactive video walls.

Our leading technology partners:Visix, Brightsign, AppSpace, Industry Weapons, Tightrope, Samsung, LG, NEC, Planar, and others

Interactive Boards and Monitors

Modernize your classrooms. Today’s student expects a digital learning environment. With integrated whiteboards, faculty have the best of both worlds — the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard and the interactivity of a large flat-panel display.

Our leading technology partners: Sharp, Smart, and Steelcase

Audio Systems

Don’t risk audio failure. Audio is the most critical part of communications. Get dependable, integrated audio systems properly networked into your classrooms, lecture halls and other important meeting rooms on campus. Provide your staff with exceptional teaching tools and videoconferencing for both large and small gatherings.

Our leading technology partners: Community, JBL, Mackie, QSC, and Shure

Video Collaboration Technology

Create collaborative learning environments. Let your students and faculty effortlessly communicate and share for lectures, meetings and presentations. They'll find it easy to share data, make voice calls and video chat directly from a browser. They’ll enjoy real-time group collaboration on classroom displays instead of laptops. Allow them to control video, voice, interactive content sharing and chat from touch-screen interfaces.

Our leading technology partners: Barco, Cisco, Crestron, LifeSize, Middle Atlantic, Polycom

Videoconferencing Systems

Raise global awareness with engaging videoconferencing systems that encourage powerful collaboration. Promote and facilitate collaborative videoconferences between educators, students and technology coordinators for the purpose of sharing information. Utilize videoconferencing to increase students' advanced communications skills while addressing curriculum frameworks and technology standards.

Our leading technology partners: Cisco, Lifesize, and Polycom 

Huddle Rooms and Meeting Spaces

The demand for huddle spaces over traditional lecture halls has grown considerably in the higher education market. Equip your private and quiet huddle rooms and meeting spaces with technology that allows students and faculty to connect easily and fully manage the tools that will provide effective in-room collaboration.

Our leading technology partners: Cisco, Crestron, Lifesize, Polycom, Samsung, Steelcase, and LG 

Live Event Production Services

Produce on-campus memorable commencements, student events, gala fundraisers, and theatrical performances with technology, logistics and creative support from HB Live, our full event production company. With event production, content creation, messaging or audiovisual expertise, our veteran team can be there to make sure your live event runs smoothly.

Some of the leading Higher Education Institutions in the country are our customers:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Harvard University • Columbia University • Rutgers University • Brown University • Yale University • Cornell University • New York University • Northeastern University •Boston University • plus many more colleges and universities of all types!