Technology Tools for Education

As the world becomes increasingly tech-driven, digital technology in schools is helping prepare students for the future. Equip your schools with the best technology products and solutions to help your students excel.

Let’s face it: even before kindergarten, students are interacting with technology for hours every day. Bringing their familiar tech tools into their learning environments keeps them interested, active, and wired to the world in ways that previous generations of educators could only dream about.

HB Communications provides school systems with interactive technologies and creative learning systems designed to engage all students and spark their imaginations. Why not strive for success within your existing environment by bringing the best audiovisual and communication technologies into your schools?

New technology—everything from interactive whiteboards and digital walls to projection systems, content creation tools, distance learning, live broadcasts, and global videoconferencing systems—can enrich both the teaching and the learning experience, improving flexibility and adding the excitement of true interactivity and instant feedback.

About HB

From kindergarten through college, HB Communications is a regional leader throughout New England, working with school systems of all sizes to introduce powerful technology tools into the classrooms. By analyzing your current needs, as well as your current technology landscape, we will work together with you to develop a strategy and roadmap that can take your schools well into the future. Connect with us today! 

Technology Solutions

Content Recording, Streaming, and Sharing

Move beyond YouTube and Snapchat to gain control over the multimedia content that students are required to create, record, and share today. A cutting-edge content distribution and management software solution can automate all your content delivery on your schedule, whether it’s student projects, online lessons, classroom lecture-recording, or sports events, band concerts and streaming graduations.

Our leading technology partners: Cisco, Polycom, VBrick, Kaltura, Sonic Foundry, Haivision, Discover Video, Wowza, Epiphan, Extron, and others

Projection Systems

A big bright daylit view from a powerful projection system can turn a single computer into a teaching tool for the entire class and hold its attention longer. Or use WiFi to let students share their own screens with the class. Choose the size that’s right for you: a mobile projector to move among classrooms or a powerful DLP projector for large rooms and lecture halls.

Our leading technology partners: Christie, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, and Sony

Digital Signage, Message Boards, and Walls

Dazzle your school with digital signage and digital display systems that are powerful, flexible, scalable, and easy to use. Use them not only to improve communication and distribution of information but also to engage and motivate students all day long… even in the cafeteria line. Think of digital signage as bulletin boards coming to life in real time for important updates, emergency notifications, and improved engagement.

Our leading technology partners:Visix, Brightsign, AppSpace, Industry Weapons, Tightrope, Samsung, LG, NEC, Planar, and others

Interactive Boards and Monitors

Easy-to-use, integrated whiteboards free students from their desks and make collaboration and learning with digital resources feel natural. Teachers can leverage the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard and the interactivity of a large flat-panel display, combining both analog markers and digital multimedia on one surface to captivate their students.

Our leading technology partners: Sharp, Smart, and Steelcase

Audio Systems

A successful audio experience is one of the most important tools to keep students alert and interested, in the classroom, during lectures and even live events. As you build up your video presentation arsenal, remember that audio is always part of the equation as well. Exceptional teaching, videoconferencing, and assembly experiences rely on well-designed and properly tuned systems that provide the best possible sound from every seat. It’s one more way to make the learning experience more fun.

Our leading technology partners: Community, JBL, Mackie, QSC, and Shure

Collaboration Kits and Tools

Eliminate AV phobia with collaboration kits that bring order and ease of use to lectures, meetings, and presentations. Faculty and students can share data, make voice calls, and video chat directly from a browser without any special software. You’ll enjoy real-time group collaboration on classroom displays, rather than on laptops, with video, voice, interactive content sharing, and chat all controlled from a single touch-screen interface.

Our leading technology partners: Barco, Cisco, Crestron, LifeSize, Middle Atlantic, Polycom

Videoconferencing Systems

Bring the whole world into your classrooms with engaging videoconferencing systems that encourage powerful collaboration. Invite instructors to drop in via Webcam, discover video pen pals from around the globe, or tour historic sites interactively. You’ll teach teamwork, encourage instant feedback, and help prepare students for the way businesses work today.

Our leading technology partners: Cisco, Lifesize, and Polycom 

Huddle Rooms and Meeting Spaces

Both students and teachers sometimes need a place to get away. Private and quiet huddle rooms and meeting spaces can be equipped with the perfect technology mix to keep the work going even outside the classroom. Add as much audio, video, and conferencing equipment as you need to facilitate whatever kinds of projects need to be get done as students work in teams or faculty members get together to plan.

Our leading technology partners: Cisco, Crestron, Lifesize, Polycom, Samsung, Steelcase, and LG 

Live Event Management and Technical Production Services

Let’s put on a show… together. HB Live Inc. helps schools produce memorable commencements, special events, gala fundraisers, student events, and theatrical performances. We can provide the audiovisual, sound, and video gear and deploy the right staffing and support to achieve success. Whatever you need—turn-key systems, racks of wireless microphones, large-screen projection—we can provide it and get it all up and running.

Some of our clients include:

Fairfield Public Schools • New Haven Public Schools • Framingham Public Schools • Newtown Public Schools • Prep Schools, Catholic Schools and Academies • Columbia University • Rutgers University • Harvard University • Brown University • and more!