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If it seems as though everyone is spending more time in meetings these days, that's because we are!

The time American business people spend in meetings has risen around 10% each year, since 2000. And even though the average meeting length is between 31 to 60 minutes, 40% of employees waste up to an extra 30 minutes a day searching for meeting space. Maybe that’s because 73% of meetings involve only two to four people, while 53% of conference rooms are designed to accommodate seven or more people. Plus, when employees need to engage a video conference, it’s often only the bigger conference rooms that offer that technology.

"Company strategy needs to include huddle spaces to ensure employees are equipped with what they need to add audio, video, and content collaboration to meeting spaces, regardless of size, shape or modality."

-Alex Bisset, VP Platform Strategy


In today’s fast-paced ever-evolving workplace, the need for properly equipped huddle spaces is growing rapidly. To better inform you and help you make your decision, our VP of Platform Strategy, Alex Bisset, has summarized the results in order to simplify your Huddle Space solutions options.

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  • Affordably scaling your collaboration platform to meet growing user demand
  • Deploying huddle spaces more rapidly than ever before
  • A centralized, single entry point for systems administration
  • Easily serviceable solutions that reduce your company’s dependency on dedicated AV resources
  • Best-in-breed user experiences